About A Woman’s View

A Woman’s View is an initiative designed to unite and support women in the promotional products industry.  The program was created by iPROMOTEu initially for the benefit of iPROMOTEu’s women affiliates.  A Woman’s View now offers certain programming for the benefit of all women in the industry.  iPROMOTEu continues to support A Woman’s View with funding, personnel and other resources.

Among the activities presented by A Woman’s View are the following:

  • Events and gatherings at industry trade shows
  • Monthly webinar presentations – Hosted by highly regarded and accomplished women within and outside the industry
  • Quarterly online open forums – Members of the Women’s Advisory Council provide business advice and respond to questions
  • A designated resource center – Containing links to relevant industry and business content for women 
  • A private LinkedIn page – Where women in the industry can share, interact and seek guidance


“A Woman’s View offers excellent programming and provides valuable information that every working woman can use.”

– Christiane Hartley, MCM Productions


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  • “What an honor to be part of the great group of women!  I am especially thankful to have the opportunity to share and give back after 28 years in this business.  We have a great schedule with amazing speakers.  There are so many different topics with information that every working woman can use.”

    Chris Hartley (Utah)

  • “I have such respect for the women participating in A Woman’s View as they are exceptional leaders providing valuable insight and industry experience.  A Woman’s View presents topics of interest that can benefit all women and help up achieve our goals.”

    Theresa Gonzalez (Connecticut)

  • “The first webinar offered great information and insight on networking and creating elevator pitches.  We are excited about future webinars and the opportunity to network with other women in the industry.”

    Terri Molnar & Shawna Tromczynski (Ohio)